What Value Will Civil Engineering Resource Management Services Bring to Your Royal Palm Beach Project?

Ensure a Solid Foundation for Your Project with DKK Consulting’s Resource Management Services. Florida may be famous for its sun, but rainstorms that ring the humidity from the afternoon skies are fairly common occurrences. Imagine crossing a sidewalk after one of these downpours. If the pavement is new and in good condition, then you don’t […]

How do Property Owners Choose the Best Civil Engineering Firm in West Palm Beach?

DKK Consulting Has Tips to assist you through Choosing the Best Civil Engineering Company. How do you choose the best civil engineering firm in West Palm Beach, Florida? Experienced developers know that unforeseen problems can transform a seemingly simple construction project into a costly nightmare. That’s why they’re always careful to ensure that there’s an […]

New Septic Tank and Drainfield Design in Loxahatchee, also known as On-site Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems (OSTDS)

For city dwellers, sewage worries only travel as far as their connection to the sewer system. After all, the municipality that they call home typically takes matters from there. It takes responsibility for transporting their sewage and wastewater through a system that it maintains to the appropriate treatment facility. What about those in suburban and […]