DKK Consulting and Industrial Warehouse Structural Repairs

 What Benefit Does an Experienced Civil Engineer Bring?

 How do you inspire new life into an old building? It’s a question that construction professionals are asked frequently. Civil engineers generally excel at finding cost-effective ways to restore pre-existing properties with the breadth of their training, their capacity for thinking outside the box, and their ability to work well both independently and collaboratively.

An Industrial Warehouse in Serious Need of Repair

 A client recently approached DKK Consulting Incorporated for assistance restoring an industrial warehouse. Built-in the 1970s over an old landfill, it was now experiencing significant settlement issues. Several structural beams were experiencing significant cracking without proper support from their foundation. As a result, some areas of the structure were no longer stable.

 Establishing a stable foundation was vital, but the area beneath the building was a nightmarish mix of debris. The fiendishly unpredictable assortment of car parts, conduit, rebar, wood, steel, concrete, sand, and other rubble presented a unique challenge for anyone who wanted to deliver a steady foundation. One contractor tried using conventional helical piles. The effort failed when the piles spun off uselessly after about four feet.

An Innovative Solution From DKK Consulting

 DKK Consulting’s Derek Schenavar, PE stepped in with an innovative solution. Civil engineers understand the value of integrating new technologies in clever ways, so he suggested using the DEI rock anchor for this job. Invented and patented by Dosdourian Enterprises Inc., this product combines multiple helixes on a single shaft. Each helix drills into the surface in a stairstep fashion, preventing the DEI rock anchor from slipping off target and helping it to establish a solid grip as it chews its way through a tough debris field.

 With Derek serving as the structural engineer and working in conjunction with Dosdourian Enterprises Inc. as a specialty foundation contractor and Warren Construction as the general contractor, a deep foundation was successfully installed in the warehouse. This should eliminate any worries about future settlement and protect the investment made in additional structural repairs to the building. After all, while the foundation repair was essential, it wasn’t the only effort. When necessary, damaged beams, footers, and walls were replaced and tied into the original structure. Ultimately, re-establishing a solid foundation helped lay the groundwork for the total transformation of the entire warehouse.

A Look at DKK Consulting’s Services

 DKK Consulting thrives on providing innovative and effective civil engineering solutions for our clients. Whether it’s crafting something entirely new or repairing or modifying an existing structure, our goal is to solve the client’s problem. How do we achieve that? We start by holding ourselves to high standards. As a team, we demand excellence, integrity, and reliability in everything we do. From there, we make it a point to stay up to date on both advances in our industry, like the DEI rock anchor, and all relevant rules and regulations. Finally, we offer a wide range of civil engineering services so that we’re always prepared to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our menu of services includes the following:

  • Commercial drainage design
  • Commercial project design
  • Engineering inspection and design
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Land development
  • Residential drainage design
  • Residential project design
  • Resource management
  • Septic tank and drainfield design
  • Septic tank and drainfield modification

 DKK Consulting welcomes the chance to assist our clients with challenging projects. What advantage can our services offer your next project? To discuss the benefits of adding an experienced civil engineer to your team or learn more about our civil engineering services, contact DKK Consulting today.