Civil Engineering Jobs in West Palm Beach

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In the second half of 2021, more than 20 million Americans quit their jobs. It’s a move that’s being dubbed the Great Resignation or the Big Quit. While some workers left due to burnout or the need to care for children or other loved ones, many were searching for an opportunity. They were ready for a fresh, new challenge in a place where their talents would be appreciated. If you’ve ever dreamed of working and living in gorgeous West Palm Beach, Florida, this might be your chance. 

Civil Engineering Jobs at DKK Consulting Incorporated

 DKK Consulting Incorporated is an established civil engineering firm based in West Palm Beach. Serving the needs of clients throughout the Sunshine State and beyond for almost 20 years, we work hard to guarantee that we can offer the right solution to the problem. To do that, we provide an extensive range of services and balance a diverse mix of projects. Our thriving company has the potential for exponential growth, so team members who accept civil engineering jobs with us can expect exciting challenges and chances to excel professionally.

Current Career Opportunities

 Are you interested in joining our team? We’re looking for talented people who are ready to make a difference. All candidates need discipline, time-management skills, and the ability to multitask. After all, we often handle multiple projects in many jurisdictions. Our team members must be able to ensure the quality of their work and the integrity of the project. What positions are currently available?

Civil Engineer

 Are you a talented civil engineer seeking a full-time/sub-consultant position? To be considered for this position with DKK Consulting, you’ll need a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering or the equivalent. In addition, you’ll need an Engineer Intern (EI) certification, permitting with all relevant agencies, and at least three to five years of experience in civil engineering project design. The right candidate will be ready to demonstrate their expertise in a variety of areas, including construction monitoring, design and permitting of new and existing infrastructure, drainage system design and drainage calculation, and land development design and permitting. The compensation offered is $55,000 annually, with increases available depending on your impact on existing projects.

Structural Engineer

 Are you interested in working as a structural engineer in the Sunshine State? DKK Consulting has a full-time/sub-consultant position. The right candidate will have a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on structural design. They’ll also have an Engineer Intern (EI) certification, permitting with all relevant agencies, and at least three to five years of experience in structural engineering project design. They’ll be prepared to create structural designs, reports, and drawings, offer technical advice on safe designs and construction, and work with a design team to settle any structural design issues. The compensation provided is $55,000 annually, with increases available depending on your impact on existing projects.

Structural/Construction Document CAD Technician

Are you a CAD technician searching for a full-time/sub-consultant position? To work for DKK Consulting, you’ll need either a clear understanding of or a desire to learn about the many aspects related to the front side design programming involved in the development of construction documents and the addressing of agency comments for permit approval. While a drafting degree is welcome, abilities are more important than formal education. Experience with permitting is valued, and at least five to eight years of experience in the development of construction documents is preferred. The compensation offered is between $18 and $20 an hour, depending on experience. Salary is based on skill level, experience, and impact. Performance bonuses are available. 

DKK Consulting may be based in West Palm Beach. Still, we’re casting our net far and wide to locate top talent. We’re currently accepting applications from across the U.S., including California, Massachusetts, Maryland, and your state. Relocation funds are available to assist those who are eager to leave behind an unfriendly or invasive atmosphere. To discover more about these civil engineer jobs, visit our careers page or contact us.