Septic Tank and Drainfield Design Services

A septic tank and drainfield that is properly designed and maintained will often function smoothly and provide years of reliable service so that you can go about your business without giving it much thought. At DKK Consulting, we recognize that that kind of peace of mind has real value in today’s demanding world.

Civil Engineering and Septic Tank and Drainfield Services

Palm Beach County cities and towns provide municipal sewage treatment facilities. People who live and work in rural areas don’t have access to these services. Septic tanks and drainfields fill this gap by serving as on-site sewage facilities.

How does it work?

Wastewater and sewage travel from the building into the septic tank, which is placed underground. At the most basic level, solids settle to the bottom of the tank as sludge where it slowly breaks down, fats float to the top as scum, and fluids eventually continue through to the drainfield. Once there, the microbes in the soil finish the job of cleaning the wastewater, filtering and restoring it before it reaches the groundwater. As for the tank, it will need to be pumped out periodically to prevent issues with it becoming overfilled or clogged.  Especially in high humidity areas like 

Analysis, Design, Engineering, and Problem-solving

Putting together an effective commercial drainage design can be complicated. Every project is unique, and so is the exact process that goes into creating the best drainage system. It generally begins with a meticulous analysis. A drainage analysis involves looking at a variety of factors, including the site, its soil and vegetation, and its surroundings. Your construction plans, transportation plans, wastewater or sewer system plans, and water treatment plans will also be considerations.

The next step depends on the site, the information gathered, and the situation. One thing is for sure. Creating and installing the best commercial drainage design can affect many aspects of your commercial project, so you’ll want to work with a responsive professional who can deliver useful results.

If you have questions about commercial drainage design or require assistance, reach out to DKK Consulting. Our team of experienced civil engineers is ready to help.

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