Septic Tank And Drainfield Modification Services

Septic tank and drainfield modification services offer a solution when your existing septic tank and drainfield are no longer meeting your needs. With a mix of new and time-tested technologies on the market, you have a wide range of options. DKK Consulting can help you find the best solution for your unique situation.


Civil Engineers and Septic Tank and Drainfield Modification

When it comes to septic tank and drainfield modification services, civil engineers are hard to beat. They’re innovative thinkers with the expertise and resources needed to look at the situation and the tools available and piece together an effective solution that really works.

Reasons for a Septic Tank and Drainfield Modification

  • Why would someone be interested in septic tank and drainfield modification services? There are several reasons:.

  • You plan to expand. Septic systems are designed to serve a certain capacity. If you’re planning to expand your home or business, you may need to upgrade your system to keep up with the additional demand.

  • You’re seeing signs of system failure. Failing septic systems often offer warning signs. When you’re inside, you may be troubled by slow drains and water backing up in sinks or bathtubs. If you’re outside, you may notice foul odors or wet spots near the septic tank or drain field. In some cases, pumping your septic tank will do the trick. If it doesn’t, a septic tank and drainfield modification may be necessary.

  • You’re concerned by the system’s age. Properly designed and maintained septic systems can last for decades. If your system is more than 30 years old, was damaged, or was neglected, it may be time to consider your options. 

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