Hiring a Civil Engineer Is an Important Step.

Everyone loves a good origin story, so it’s no wonder that rumors persist about how Florida’s fabulous Boca Raton got its name. Some lock onto the name’s Spanish roots and interpret it literally. They insist on translating the words Boca into mouth and Raton into mouse or rat. Then, they insist the Spanish arrived to discover an area flooded with outsized rodents with incredibly sharp teeth. The Boca Raton Historical Society offers a less fanciful tale. According to its experts, Boca can also mean inlet. Raton still means mouse in this version, but the sharp teeth are thought to be the rocks or coral lurking beneath the water’s surface, presenting a hazard that the fanciful sailors were sure to have noticed as they made their way to what would eventually become the Sunshine State.

Steering Clear of the Rocks With a Civil Engineer on Your Crew

 When you’re embarking on an adventure, you don’t want to see your dreams end up on the rocks. To avoid wasting time, energy, money, and other important resources, it’s always wise to have someone along who knows how to spot problems and help you sail safely around them. Add a civil engineer to your crew to provide commercial project design services. It’s a smart way to keep your next Boca Raton project out of troubled waters. 

 Civil engineers are experienced problem solvers. They design, construct, modify, mend, and maintain the structures and systems that society relies on. With their understanding of how things work, how they interact with the natural environment, and all the relevant rules and regulations, they’re invaluable allies. When a civil engineer is providing commercial project design services for your project, you can expect real advantages: 

  • Innovation: Doing the exact same thing that everyone else is isn’t a winning formula. Innovation is vital for your company’s survival. It’s also important to your project’s success. Civil engineers are creative thinkers who know when to think outside the box and how to bring in new technologies and solutions in effective, workable ways that create value.
  • Savings: You’re making a major investment, and you want the best return possible. A civil engineer understands where you can safely trim. They also know where putting extra in now will result in future savings. In addition, they can guide your project around potential pitfalls before they punch massive holes in the budget. After all, changes are far more affordable in the design stages than they would be later.
  • Compliance: The fines, delays, and change orders that come with any failure to meet compliance standards can get expensive fast. Working with a civil engineer who is familiar with local rules and regulations saves time, money, and stress.
  • Safety: A breakdown in safety on a construction site can be devastating. With their background, civil engineers are prepared to reduce risk and create a safer work environment so that your project stays on track.
  • Environmentalism: Building green is something that wins positive feedback and helps with energy bills. In certain areas, it’s a concern that must be accounted for as part of the permitting process. Civil engineers have the skills and expertise to minimize pollution and other hazardous impacts.

Choosing a Civil Engineering Firm

 How do you choose a civil engineering firm you can count on? Before you do anything else, verify their professional credentials. Then, try to find a team with local knowledge. They’ll be familiar with the rules and regulations for your area. Ideally, you’ll want a team that’s completed projects similar in nature to yours. They should also respond to your questions in a professional manner. Finally, remember that value is more important than cost.

 DKK Consulting Incorporated provides a wide range of civil engineering services throughout Florida and the U.S. with integrity, reliability, and excellence. If you’re searching for an established civil engineering firm to deliver commercial project design services for your Boca Raton project, contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

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