A Number of Specialties and Disciplines Fall Under the Umbrella of Civil Engineering

 Some professions are narrowly focused. Others encompass a surprising range of territory. Civil engineers in Florida’s Palm Beach County and around the globe fall firmly in the second category. Learning a bit about a civil engineer’s basic skills and exploring the different types of specialties and regulations that are under the umbrella of civil engineering can help you understand when the services of a civil engineer might be useful.

The Foundations of Civil Engineering

 Before civil engineers can begin their careers in Palm Beach County or some other location, they need to study hard. Civil engineering programs are highly competitive. Students need strong backgrounds in math and science. They’ll also need to hone their skills in leadership, communication, critical thinking, and solving problems. This field requires innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, and the ability to work effectively both independently and in a group.

 Education is ongoing; most aspiring civil engineers will earn a bachelor’s degree before completing a master’s program to get more specialized training. Then, additional training will be periodically required to obtain various certifications or stay current on new technologies or regulations. 

Kinds of Civil Engineering

Civil engineer Palm Beach County creates, designs, maintains, repairs, and modifes the many types of infrastructure that civilizations rely on to thrive. With a mission like that, their masteries are immense, so it should come as no surprise that their skillsets are broad. There are a large number of different types of civil engineering disciplines with the resulting specialization. 


 Surveying is a critical skill in civil engineering. After all, accurate information is essential to any project, and that’s what surveying does. Having better information can lead to better solutions, greater efficiency, and reduced costs with almost any project. There are numerous types of surveys. A survey may be used to collect data for a proposed project, determine whether a planned repair would deliver a safe solution, or settle a property dispute.

Environmental Engineering

 When sustainability, environmental friendliness, and energy efficiency are important, then having a civil engineer who specializes in environmental engineering on your team is a wise choice. As the name suggests, environmental engineering focuses on minimizing or mitigating negative impacts on the environment. This can involve incorporating features that reduce air, water, or noise pollution. It may also call for steps that minimize the impact on threatened or endangered wildlife.

Structural Engineering

 Children may be able to gleefully construct miniature buildings out of blocks, playing cards, or blankets. Civil engineers put in more effort when it comes to the real thing. Structural engineering is a subset of civil engineering that concentrates on the design of various structures. It involves intense analysis as designs are checked to see that they can resist stresses and forces that might act on them and bear appropriate loads. Whether it’s a residential building, a commercial facility, a bridge, or an overpass, it has to meet all design requirements, regulations, and safety criteria. It must be built to withstand everything from regular use to natural disasters.

Water and Wastewater Engineering

 Water is essential for life. Wastewater isn’t glamorous, but handling it safely is vital for a healthy environment. Civil engineers who deal with water and wastewater engineering ensure that people have clean drinking water. That can involve designing, repairing, or modifying municipal water or sewer systems. It may also involve septic tank and drainfield design or septic tank and drainfield modification. 

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