What Can Construction Management Services Do for Your West Palm Beach Project?

 Why would you invest in construction management services for your next project in the West Palm Beach, Florida, area? You may want to increase the odds that the project will be completed on time and within its original budget. Or, it may be that you want the peace of mind of knowing that a professional will be watching closely to ensure that you’ll achieve quality results. After all, when a construction manager is watching over the routine headaches and hassles that can come with a sizeable construction project, you don’t have to. You’re free to concentrate on other things because you know your project is in capable hands.

Exploring Construction Management Services

 The Construction Management Association of America indicates that construction management is a professional service that is suitable for any project delivery method. According to the CMAA, the construction manager accepts responsibility to both the owner and the success of the project whenever they accept a job, so they are expected to deliver the effective management of numerous aspects of the project, including its budget, scope, schedule, safety, function, and quality.

 The idea of a construction manager may sound useful, but how does it fit into the actual construction process? How does it work? Considering a construction manager’s potential contributions during the various phases of a construction project can make it easier to see the value of construction management services. It also makes it easy to see why civil engineers excel when serving as construction managers. Their combination of knowledge and experience is especially helpful.


 Laying a strong foundation is crucial for success. Great planning is the start of that. The planning phase is when goals, designs, scopes, schedules, and budgets for the project are weighed and set. A construction manager contributes to the process by meeting with the owner, architect, builder, engineer, and any other consultant to discuss matters like feasibility and scout out potential problems so that a clear course for success can be mapped out before any actual construction begins. 


 The preconstruction phase involves finalizing building permits and contractor bids. A construction manager will actively hire construction teams and follow risk management procedures to minimize the chance of problems down the road.


 As the general contractor begins construction, the construction manager keeps an eagle eye on the schedule, the budget, safety, quality, communications, and much more. Their expert oversight helps to keep things moving smoothly.


 After the main work is completed, it’s time for the finishing touches. Then, the building construction manager will check that everything is as it should be before turning the property over to the new owner. The new owner will be offered all the necessary paperwork, including the closeout documents, manuals, warranties, and other information. In some cases, they may receive training on how to use or operate specific systems.

 Construction management services can offer incredible value, especially when you’re working with an experienced civil engineering firm. If you are searching for a construction manager for your next project in the West Palm Beach area, reach out to DKK Consulting Incorporated to discuss the possibilities.

 DKK Consulting Incorporated is delighted to call the Sunshine State home and happy to use our skills as civil engineers to assist our fellow Floridians. Our strong team of specialists and associates brings an amazingly diverse range of talents, resources, and experiences to the table. As a result, we’re always prepared to offer the services and solutions our clients need to resolve their engineering challenges. We work diligently to remain current on all relevant building codes and laws and are extremely disciplined in our work. That ensures your vision, your budget, and your timeline are always respected.

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