Modifications to Septic Tank and Drainfield systems in West Palm

Septic Tank and Drainfield Modification 

When you flush a toilet, you don’t want to have to worry about what happens next. For residential and commercial properties in West Palm Beach that are not connected to a municipality’s sewer services, that kind of peace of mind requires a properly functioning on-site sewage treatment and disposal system. Commonly referred to as septic tanks and drain fields, these systems scrub contaminants from sewage and wastewater before releasing it into the groundwater. Proper design is essential, but even the best design will not last forever. If time or changes in your situation mean that you are in need of a septic tank replacement, drain field replacement or both at your West Palm, Florida, home or business, trust the experts at DKK Consulting Incorporated in West Palm Beach to help you figure out your next step.

On-site Sewage Treatment Fundamentals

In a conventional on-site sewage treatment and disposal system, the septic tank and drainfield modification  are key components. Typically, the process begins when a pipe carries the waste from the building to the septic tank. There, solids settle to the bottom as sludge. Fats, oils and grease, which are lighter than water, rise to the top as scum. In most cases, these materials will linger in the tank where microbes begin the process of breaking them down until they are pumped out.

Meanwhile, the partially treated wastewater travels out of the septic tank and into the drain field. Once there, the soil helps to provide a further scrubbing, removing any lingering bacteria or organic material as the water slowly percolates down. Eventually, it joins the groundwater.

Signs That Your Septic System Is in Trouble

There are red flags that can signal that your septic system is in distress. Signs of a system that requires maintenance, expansion or replacement include the following:

  • An unpleasant odor is present in or around the home or business.
  • Grass is unusually green and lush over the septic system.
  • Unexpected puddles or sogginess surfaces near the septic system area.
  • Depressions or holes appear in the soil near the drain fields.
  • Toilets flush slowly.
  • Gurgling is heard when you flush or run water.
  • Water backs up into toilets, sinks, tubs or appliances.

A troubled septic system is not the only reason to consider modifications to your septic system. Are you planning on expanding your building with an addition? Will you be adding new buildings to the property and tying them into the existing on-site sewage treatment and disposal system? Whenever the demand on the existing system is likely to increase, it may be time to consider the possibility of a septic tank replacement, drain field replacement or both.

Solving Septic Dilemmas in WPB, Florida
In some cases, a little maintenance may be all that is necessary to restore your septic system’s efficiency. However, there are many situations that require a more complicated solution. If age or changing circumstances means that either your tank or drain field is no longer up to the task of properly treating your property’s sewage, you need to act fast. Failure to do so could endanger the drinking water in your area. That is a serious concern, especially if you rely on a well.

When designing an effective septic system, there are several considerations to keep in mind, including household size, lot size, site slope, soil type, proximity to wetlands or sensitive water bodies, weather conditions, and state and local regulations. These factors will determine your options.

Replacement, Enlargement or Expansion
If you need a septic tank replacement, you may be looking at a split system design. Sometimes called split tanks, dual tanks or two chamber tanks, these septic tanks are split into compartments. This design reduces the risk of solids escaping the tank. What if you need a bigger tank to accommodate a larger structure? If your plans call for a septic tank enlargement or expansion, you may need to replace the tank with a larger one or consider a design that connects a series of tanks to increase the capacity of your sewage treatment system.

What if your drain field is the problem? When poor soil or other issues lead to drain field failure, a drain field replacement may be your best solution. Alternately, you may need an enlargement or expansion of the drain field to address your issues. Ultimately, the challenge may be choosing which type of drain field best suits your needs. Whether it is a standard gravity-fed system, a drip irrigation system, a chamber system, or something completely different will depend on your unique circumstances.

Life is busy, and you have more pleasant things to focus on than what happens after you flush the toilet. To avoid unpleasant distractions, make sure that your on-site sewage treatment and disposal system is up to the task. If a septic tank replacement or expansion or a drain field replacement, enlargement, or expansion is needed at your residential or commercial property, trust the professionals at DKK Consulting Incorporated in West Palm Beach. With more than 15 years of experience in serving our fellow residents of the Sunshine State, we understand both south Florida’s ecosystem and the mix of local and state regulations that your system will need to comply with. We bring a diverse blend of professional talents to the table, and we delight in creating workable solutions that deliver the perfect blend of cost-effectiveness and quality. To learn more about our services or request a quote, contact DKK Consulting today.