Protect Your Royal Palm Beach Property With Residential Drainage Design

Florida’s tourism industry may advertise its sunny skies, but those lucky to build their home here know another environmental presence is just as strong. Water is never far away. Underfoot, there’s the Floridan aquifer system. On one side, there’s the Gulf of Mexico. On the other, the Atlantic Ocean lies just 15 miles from Royal Palm Beach. Various rivers, lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water are scattered throughout the state. In addition, Palm Beach County sees an average of 60 inches of rain each year. With so much water in the vicinity, it’s fairly easy to understand why protecting your property with an effective residential drainage design is vital.

What Does Residential Drainage Design Involve?

Residential drainage design in Royal Palm Beach is intended to move uninvited water away from your property. After all, water that lingers in spaces that aren’t intended to host fluids can cause serious harm. That makes it crucial to have a plan in place to funnel stormwater and other undesirable waters away from your home without delay.

Designing a great drainage system is a complicated task. Civil engineers are experts who are fully prepared for the assignment. They’ll gather material from public records. They’ll also collect measurements and perform various analyses at your home. Then, they’ll weigh a mix of factors that include the site’s topography, vegetation, structures, existing systems, expected stormwater, the state of the nearby properties, and the number and location of discharge points. They’ll use their experience and expertise to assess these factors and create an efficient system that promptly moves the stormwater to the desired discharge points. 

Why Is Water Damage So Worrisome?

Every year, a massive chunk of the home repair costs in the U.S. are triggered by water damage. Sadly, unaddressed water damage can quickly lead to additional problems, so waiting to make repairs can be a costly mistake. Mold, a fungus that delights in feasting on organic materials, thrives on water-damaged materials. Destructive infestations can spread explosively through a home in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Whenever water hangs around where it shouldn’t, damage is likely to result. There are several kinds of water damage that property owners in Royal Palm Beach should be aware of:

  • Erosion issues
  • Landscaping damage
  • Hardscaping cracking or heaving
  • Mold and mildew problems
  • Pest and insect infestations
  • Foundation troubles
  • Structural damage

Homeowners Should Pay Attention to Their Drainage Design

When homeowners talk excitedly about design ideas, they rarely discuss drainage design. Like many invaluable but ordinary services, drainage design gets little attention. However, there are times when intelligent homeowners will take note of their property’s drainage design:

  • They’re purchasing. Buyer beware. To avoid drainage issues at a new home, verify that it meets all permitting requirements and shows no signs of water damage.
  • They’re building. A custom drainage system that moves stormwater away protects a dream home.
  • They’re expanding. Adding on changes the way stormwater flows. Updating a drainage system is critical.
  • They’re having trouble. If water is puddling near the foundation, it’s time to review the drainage system.
  • They’re being proactive. Maintaining a healthy drainage system safeguards the home, so checking it periodically is a good way to avoid trouble.

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