Wellington, Florida is famous for its sunny skies and warm temperatures, and with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the west, it is obvious that you are never very far from the water. However, with annual rainfall totals that often exceed 50 inches thanks to the combined efforts of hurricanes and other less-notable storms, water can actually be even closer than you realize. In fact, drainage issues and the management of stormwater runoff have become so important that many Palm Beach County municipalities now have strict permitting requirements for drainage design.

Wellington, Florida Drainage Issues

Year after year, a healthy chunk of the home repair costs in the U.S. are the result of water damage, and uncontrolled runoff and poorly designed drainage systems deserve much of the blame. A properly designed residential drainage system effectively funnels water away from your home. When that does not happen, water lingers where it shouldn’t, endangering the structure that is likely to be one of your largest investments. Whether it arrives in an obvious flood, hangs out in the form of persistent puddles or seeps through in steady dampness, water that does not drain properly can set the stage for several types of worrisome property damage:

  • Foundation and structural damage.
  • Deterioration of wood and other similar building materials.
  • Concrete and asphalt damage.
  • Pest and insect infestations.
  • Landscaping ruination.
  • Erosion.

When Residential Drainage Systems Deserve Your Attention

Drainage engineering is not a topic that tends to come up in casual conversation, but there are certainly times when it deserves your attention:

  • You are building a new home in Wellington. As your dream home becomes a reality, you will need to take steps to ensure that it is built to last. Having the drainage design that is needed to meet the requirements for building department permitting is part of that. A custom home drainage plan will consider the unique features of your property and structure and craft an effective drainage system that matches it perfectly as well as complies with permitting requirements.
  • You are buying a new home. Developers know that proper drainage is a must. It fulfills local permitting requirements, shields them from liability issues and ensures that the homes they offer for sale are more attractive. After all, anyone buying a home wants to avoid drainage problems and water damage troubles.
  • You are adding on to your existing home. While the construction may be on a different scale, if you are expanding your home with an addition you will need residential drainage design to secure building department permits in many jurisdictions.
  • You are experiencing issues with drainage at your home. Drainage is not just a concern for homebuyers. Homeowners also need to pay attention, especially if they see signs of trouble. If you notice water puddling along the foundation unsightly accumulation on the property or any other signs of water damage, it is probably time to reach out to a reputable civil engineering firm. Look for a company with experience repairing, modifying and replacing residential drainage systems.
  • You are not having drainage trouble and want to keep it that way. Few systems are capable of continuing indefinitely without some care. That is why regular maintenance is recommended. Drainage systems need occasional maintenance. If yours is functioning smoothly, and you would like to keep it that way, bringing in an expert for a checkup may be helpful. If problems are present, identifying them early gives you more time to decide how to proceed. Minor issues also tend to be easier and more affordable to fix if caught before they evolve into major disasters.

How Designing a Drainage System Works

Water that stays put can damage your Wellington area property, and encourage pests. Drainage systems are engineered to keep water moving toward the appropriate discharge points. To accomplish that, they must take numerous factors into account, including original drainage plans, topography, adjacent properties, surrounding vegetation, and condition of existing systems. When creating a drainage system, our engineers must collect the necessary information that is already on file, otherwise known as “record documents”. They will also visit the site and perform a visual analysis. Armed with the data, our team of experts will put together a detailed proposal that explains the best path forward.

Engineering Solutions With Integrity, Reliability and Excellence

As a full-service engineering firm serving South Florida, including Wellington, since 2004, DKK Consulting focuses on finding solutions. Whether it is a drainage plan to fulfill building department permitting requirements for a new home that you are building, a drainage design for a custom home or a speculative home, modifications to your current drainage systems, or the repair and maintenance of existing drainage systems, our team has the knowledge, skill and ability to get the job done properly. While the rules and regulations may vary by municipality, our experience and detail-oriented approach means that we know exactly what is required to create a functional system that will provide exceptional drainage and fulfill all the requirements required by the servicing jurisdiction. Are you in need of residential engineering services? Contact the experienced team at DKK Consulting Incorporated today.