Why Is Smart Residential Drainage Design Vital in Royal Palm Beach?

Every year, Florida draws in millions of tourists. Many come to see the Sunshine State’s theme parks and other manmade attractions. Others are drawn by the miles of coastline where the sand meets the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It seems like an idyllic place, but Florida property owners have to face a hard truth. Too much water can be downright dangerous for your property. Royal Palm Beach, Florida, is located just 15 miles from the ocean and inside Palm Beach County, which sees an annual rainfall of 60 inches a year. In places like this, smart residential drainage design isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity. Without it, the potential for costly water damage is very real. 

What Is Residential Drainage Design?

Water that hangs around where it shouldn’t for too long can cause major problems for homeowners. The purpose of a properly designed residential drainage system is to ensure that doesn’t happen by funneling stormwater away from your home.

How are drainage systems designed? Civil engineers visit your site to gather measurements and conduct the necessary analyses. In addition, they’ll collect any existing public records to harvest the available information. Then, they’ll use that data to create an effective system that gathers water and pushes it to the appropriate discharge points. Along the way, they’ll also factor in a number of relevant elements, including the site’s topography, the surrounding vegetation, any existing systems, and the adjacent properties.

When Are Drainage Design Services Needed?

Drainage design probably won’t make the lists of spritely party topics or winning conversation starters any time soon. However, there are definitely times when homeowners need to pay attention to this topic:

  • They’re buying a home. Drainage issues can turn a new home into a nightmare. Before you buy, check that a property meets all local permitting requirements and is free of water damage.
  • They’re building a home. A custom-built home deserves the protection of a custom drainage system. It should be a match for the property’s unique environmental features and fulfill all permitting requirements.
  • They’re adding on to their existing home. Expanding your home can influence the way stormwater moves. Updating your drainage system’s design is essential.
  • They’re battling drainage issues at home. Signs of water damage like puddling along the foundation mean that it’s time to call a civil engineer to request a consultation.
  • They’re happy to avoid drainage issues. Most systems eventually break down without care. That’s why maintenance is important.

Why Is Water Damage Such a Worry for Homeowners?

Why is a little extra water so worrisome? After all, people travel from miles around to linger by the ocean or splash in the pool at a water park. Water in a place that is designed for it can be absolutely delightful. The problems occur when water gets into spaces that aren’t intended to withstand its presence. It may arrive in a roaring flood, a steady downpour, or a slow, insidious drip. However, it appears, damaging water can trigger a number of problems for your property:

  • Erosion
  • Structural damage
  • Foundational damage
  • Landscaping trauma
  • Hardscaping issues
  • Pest infestations
  • Mold issues

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