Is an Advanced Treatment System the Right Choice for Your Miami Dade County Home?

The comfort and convenience that comes with being able to flush the toilet and walk away confidently is often overlooked. While it’s rarely something people like to think about, a septic system that functions smoothly is undoubtedly something every homeowner truly needs. Unfortunately, there are times when a standard septic system proves inadequate for a home’s needs. What if your Miami Dade County property runs into this issue? Don’t panic. A sophisticated septic system known as an advanced treatment system may provide the answer to your wastewater dilemma.

What Are Advanced Treatment Systems?

One of the primary reasons that traditional septic systems fail is an overload of waste and unoxygenated bacteria. An advanced treatment system is designed to tackle this issue. This complex system fuels the decomposition of septic solids with an oxygen-rich environment. This provides better treatment and several other benefits.

What Benefits Do Advanced Treatment Systems Offer?

Whether you’re building a new home in Miami Dade County or interested in replacing the septic system at your existing residence, installing an advanced treatment system can provide multiple benefits:

  • Advanced treatment systems are highly customizable, so civil engineers can tailor a plan to fit the specific needs of your home, household, and landscape.
  • Advanced treatment systems are recommended in environmentally sensitive areas because the wastewater they release has been more thoroughly treated. In fact, they may be required in some locations.
  • Advanced treatment septic systems can remove pathogens and worrisome nutrients like nitrates from treated wastewater.
  • Advanced treatment systems also reduce the total suspended solids and lower the biological oxygen demand. This not only boosts the system’s efficiency but also helps to lengthen the life of your drain field.

Are There Different Types of Advanced Treatment Systems?

There are multiple ways that advanced treatment systems can be tailored. This includes three different methods for treating wastewater:

  • Fixed film systems: With this type of system, a porous surface delivers a medium that supports a biomass film. This film assists with the digestion of the organic material in the septic system. Any suitable porous material can form the medium. Styrofoam, fabric, and plastic are standard options. Numerous fixed film systems are available, but their designs generally fall into one of two categories. The first kind uses a stationary medium and moves the wastewater so that the medium is alternatively exposed to air and immersed in wastewater. The second kind of fixed film system uses a moveable medium that is raised into the air and dipped into the wastewater. With either system, the key is that the medium spends time in both the air and the wastewater.
  • Suspended growth systems: Pumps power aeration in suspended growth chambers. This compressed air feeds bacteria and helps them to power through the breakdown of organic material. In addition, a separate settlement chamber allows bacteria that have finished their task to separate from treated wastewater before returning to the aeration tank.
  • Sequencing batch reactor systems: When you need to accomplish a lot in a small space, these systems get the job done effectively. They bubble air through periodically, allowing waste to pass through cycles of aerobic decomposition, anaerobic decomposition, and settling. Although uncommon, they can be a smart choice in certain circumstances.

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