Why Is an Infrastructure Assessment a Smart Start for Your Palm Beach County Project?

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is home to Palm Beach County’s only public golf course that is located on a natural preserve and wetlands area. Situated on the Loxahatchee Nature Preserve, the Sandhill Crane Golf Club offers the public a chance to play on professional greens that feature unique surroundings. It also provides an ideal example of why contemplating existing infrastructure is vital. After all, if your project requires something, you need to know if it’s present. An infrastructure assessment allows you to gather that data. Arranging for a civil engineer to perform one is a smart start for your project.

Exploring Infrastructure Through a Civil Engineer’s Eyes

If you’re planning a project, you already have an idea of what you hope to accomplish. Are you sure that you’ve thought of everything? Are you confident that you know all your site’s ins and outs? Have you considered how factors on nearby properties might affect your plans? A civil engineer can, and if you add them to your team, they’d be willing to share their insight with you so that you can verify the feasibility of your plans.

Infrastructure can be roads or buildings. It can also be electrical grids, internet services, sewer, drainage, and water systems. Civil engineers understand how these essential systems work and interact, so they can help you determine their impact on your plans in Palm Beach County. In fact, civil engineers are routinely called on to design, build, repair, modify, or maintain all kinds of infrastructure. They are fully prepared to conduct an infrastructure assessment to identify whatever systems are present, evaluate their condition, and report their findings.

Understanding the Advantages of Infrastructure Assessment

Any development involves juggling many moving pieces, so having a crystal-clear picture of what is already at your site makes sense. Getting an infrastructure assessment gives you that picture and many significant advantages:

  • Feasibility: In the movies, willpower is enough to make it happen. In reality, there are times when one path isn’t doable, and it’s better to find another way forward. Discovering that a site cannot be suitable for your plans sooner rather than later allows you to switch directions before too many resources are wasted.
  • Safety: There’s a reason experts urge the public to call before digging. Hitting an electrical or gas line can be incredibly dangerous. Hitting a sewer line can be unpleasant and unhealthy. Either situation can get expensive fast. Overhead lines can be equally difficult for the unwary. Being aware of the infrastructure around your site plays a critical role in running a safe job site.
  • Effectiveness: Knowing what features are available allows you to design and plan effectively. You can figure out before construction begins how to smoothly incorporate the existing features into your project. If a feature needs to be upgraded or introduced to the site, you’re able to plan for that.
  • Innovation: By providing you with a chance to review the data regarding what is and isn’t present at your Palm Beach County site and compare that against your plans, infrastructure assessments give you an excellent opportunity for innovation. If an issue arises, the suggested solutions may lead to ideas you hadn’t previously considered. Because this work occurs in the pre-construction phase, there’s greater flexibility and greater savings.

When you’re interested in infrastructure assessment services for your project, reach out to DKK Consulting. With a team of experienced civil engineers based in Palm Beach County and a reputation for quality, we’re proud to be the company many of our fellow Floridians turn to when they want top-notch civil engineering services. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your next project.