When Choosing Someone to Handle the Inspection of Commercial Properties in West Palm Beach, Florida, What Should You Think About?

DKK Consulting Explains the Advantage of Having Your Inspection Done by a Respected Civil Engineering Firm.

It doesn’t matter if your West Palm Beach property is your first venture into the commercial world or your 21st. When you own commercial property, engineering inspection and design are a fact of life. You could consider them necessary evils or chores that must be completed. Or, you could view them from another angle and think about how to get the best return on your investment from something that you have to do anyway. How can you get the best value when choosing a professional to inspect your commercial property?

Inspection of Commercial Properties 101
Commercial buildings in West Palm Beach and around the country come in all shapes and sizes. Basically, any structure located on a property that is considered to be commercial real estate and is intended to generate income through either capital gains or rental income can be termed a commercial property. Office buildings, retail facilities, restaurants, multifamily dwellings, sports centers and warehouses are just a few of the possibilities. Who handles the inspection of commercial properties? It’s a task that can be performed by a variety of professionals, including building inspectors, architects and civil engineers.

What Does a Basic Commercial Inspection Check?
When you request a basic commercial inspection of your property, what will the professional who performs the inspection check? Normally, four areas will get particular attention:

  • The interior. The inside of the building will be checked to verify that it’s up to code and free of safety risks and hazards. Any needed renovations will be noted.
  • The exterior. The building’s structural integrity and the health of its roof and outer walls will be scrutinized. Any parking lots or structures, outbuildings and landscaping will also be evaluated. Again, any needed repairs or renovations will be noted.
  • The major systems. The building’s electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems will be assessed. If they’re present, fire safety systems, building alarms and sprinkler systems will also be checked. If updates are noted to bring things up to code, it will be noted in the inspection report.
  • The documentation. The professional may also review surveys, building plans, environmental studies, citations, certificates of occupancy, permits, evacuation plans, fire safety system records, floor plans and maintenance records.

Commercial Property Inspections as a Civil Engineering Service
Why should you call a respected civil engineering firm when you need a commercial property inspection? Not all inspectors bring the same skillset to the table. Spend a little time browsing the websites of building inspectors, and you’ll quickly see that most specialize in residential properties. With the way building codes and regulations are continually changing, it’s essential that the professional who performs your inspection be very familiar with the current rules for current commercial properties, so you need someone who knows that field well. And, while there are building inspectors who do specialize in commercial properties, few can match the level of expertise that civil engineers bring. Their knowledge and experience gives them an edge. It prepares them to spot potential problems that others might miss. It also equips them to offer creative and cost-effective solutions.

At DKK Consulting Incorporated, we’re ready to assist you with the inspection of commercial properties in West Palm Beach and throughout Florida. We have a thorough understanding of the impact of marine environments, ground settlement and slope failure. We can also assist you with the on-site inspection of roofs, commercial and residential remodeling, code violation, and insurance mitigation issues. We are also able to provide expert witness testimony or create plans to rectify issues. To learn more about our civil engineering services, contact us today.