How Do Civil Engineers Help After a Hurricane?

Imagine that you’re tasked with making a list of the people that communities need in the wake of a hurricane, flood, tornado, or similar disaster. Healthcare professionals and first responders are obvious picks. The workers who keep electric and communications companies running are also clear choices. Insurance adjusters, aid workers, and government officials will likely make a list. What about civil engineering professionals? You’ll definitely want them on your team. How do civil engineers help after a hurricane?

A Civil Engineer’s Role in the Aftermath of Disaster

Consider this: a civil engineer works to design, build, modify, or repair the infrastructure of all kinds. That includes residential and commercial buildings, roads, ports, and bridges. Civil engineer also design less glamorous systems like water and wastewater systems. Their expertise makes them a natural partner when you need help figuring out the best way to repair or modify an essential bridge, roadway, system, or building that was damaged by a hurricane’s winds or storm surge.

Civil engineers are also widely recognized for their ability to think outside the box. That skill is invaluable when you’re trying to recover after any disaster. When paired with their deep understanding of the ins and outs of the construction industry, it prepares them to find effective solutions. Their skills will come in handy in countless ways throughout the reconstruction. In fact, the benefits of having a civil engineer on your team during the recovery process may echo well into the future.

The Civil Engineer and Disaster Management

As The New York Times reports, aerial photos taken after Hurricane Ian made it clear that some southwest Florida homes fared well despite their proximity to Punta Gorda, where the destructive category 4 storm made landfall. What set these homes apart? It seems likely that they were built in accordance with the Sunshine State’s strict building codes, which were adopted after Hurricane Andrew proved so destructive in 1992.

Civil engineering professionals have a solid understanding of the impacts that various forces can have on infrastructure. After all, they have to account for those forces whenever they create a design or modification. It’s likely also on their minds when they run analyses to ensure that the buildings that they work on are up to code. It’s complicated, time-consuming work. However, there’s no question that this vital work helps to provide sturdier infrastructure that offers better protection for the community when a severe disaster strikes. Buildings that withstand storms like hurricanes and tornadoes safeguard lives and livelihoods.

Of course, it’s not all about the buildings. It’s also about the way buildings and other infrastructure interact with the surrounding environment. Florida has miles of coastlines. No matter where you are, you’re never far from the water. While that’s a delight in good weather, it can create a hazard when storms are severe. What can be done to guard against flooding and water damage? How do you prevent pollution and contamination? Again, a civil engineer can help. These pros routinely work to evaluate, assess, and manage the environmental impact of structures. As communities come together to reimagine and rebuild, their insights and experience can ensure that regulations are followed and offer novel solutions.

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