Loxahatchee, Florida, is a beautiful place where nature lovers are sure to encounter many delights. After all, this section of the Sunshine State is a place where homes, horse farms, and wildlife parks mingle. It’s also a place where people out for a stroll are liable to cross paths with horses, alligators, turtles, and all kinds of birds. Although it’s a gorgeous area, it’s not immune to problems. If you’re planning to build a home here, you’ll still need to proceed with proper care.

 Things to Look Out for When Custom Building a Home 

 Owning a home is often described as part of the American dream. The chance to craft your own space by building a custom home in a fantastic place like Loxahatchee is truly a dream come true, but it can turn into a nightmare if mistakes are made. Civil engineers have a great deal of experience with using their professional skills to contribute to successful projects. Along the way, they learn quickly to identify potential problems that can bring a home construction project to a screeching halt. These issues can help you avoid trouble as you construct your dream home.

 Property Lines Problems 

 “Good fences make good neighbors,” according to the neighbor in Robert Frost’s famous poem “Mending Walls.” However, a perimeter fence that crosses the property line and infringes on your neighbor’s property is unlikely to generate good feelings. Unfortunately, this kind of mistake happens far too often when contractors get in a rush and assume that an existing fence is correctly placed. Whenever you’re building a new home, it’s essential that you have a new survey done by a reputable firm. Have the surveyor place durable markers that will withstand the weather long enough to be useful throughout your planned construction window. Then, make sure that any new construction stays within the boundaries of your property. If you don’t, you may find that you have more problems than just annoyed neighbors. Any construction that infringes on someone else’s property will have to be torn down and redone. In addition, you may have to restore their property if it’s been damaged.

 Tapping Connections Planning 

 Chances are, you’re planning on tapping into the electrical services. Depending on your home’s location, you may also be using water and sewer connections as well rather than a well and septic system. If so, you’ll need to consider how far away you are from these connections. While being farther away may provide a view, it can come at a cost because of the greater physical distance. That’s something you’ll need to plan for in your design and your budget.

 Soil Composition Awareness

 The type of soil below your home can be a major factor in many issues, so it will pay off to know what you’re getting into. Are you building on soil with a lot of clay? Is it sandy? Or, is it solid rock? Soil composition can impact foundation settlement, drainage, any attempts to plant a garden, and numerous other activities. You’ll also want to learn about the local water table. A high water table can make drainage particularly challenging, so it pays to plan ahead.

 Location, Location, Location 

 Occasionally, a seemingly picture-perfect location can be hiding some ugly truths, so it’s important to do your research. Before purchasing a lot, would-be homeowners should check for possible problems, especially if the price seems too good to be true. Land developers will sometimes buy lots near airports or other less-desirable locations and sell them at bargain prices, leaving homeowners to deal with unexpected noise pollution or other hidden headaches. Vetting a location thoroughly before you buy is essential.

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