What Perks Does a Glass Wall Drainage Analysis of a West Palm Beach Property Offer?

 In the U.S., the average annual rainfall is 38 inches of rain a year. You’ll need to brace yourself if that seems like a lot. The average yearly rainfall for West Palm Beach, Florida, is 63 inches per year. That water has to go somewhere, which is why an exceptional drainage design is essential. However, if you want to offer the best protection for your property, it’s not enough to plan for an average rainy day. You’ll need to guarantee that your drainage system can handle even severe weather. That’s where having an experienced civil engineer perform a Glass Wall Drainage Analysis at your West Palm Beach property comes in.

Understanding the Purpose of Glass Wall Drainage Analyses

 Glass Wall Drainage Analyses are designed to offer answers about how your property will fare when the weather turns truly nasty. To be more specific, these tests determine how respective properties will weather a 100-year, three-day rainfall event. They offer a chance to determine whether structures will remain dry under these conditions. The structures being assessed can be existing or proposed.

 What is a 100-year storm? Oddly enough, it’s not a ferocious, once-in-a-century storm. Instead, it’s a specific term that draws on both meteorology and probability. Geography is also a consideration. Why? A 100-year storm is a severe, rainy-laden storm with a 1 in 100 chance, or 1% chance, of striking a location in a year’s time.

 Powerful weather events like 100-year storms seem to hit with greater frequency in recent years, so taking steps to ensure that your residential or commercial property can withstand the rainfall that they bring makes sense. It also offers another advantage. When you’ve checked that your property is prepared for a severe storm, you can be confident that a typical rainstorm won’t pose any significant problems. 

Protecting Your Property From Water Damage

 Clearly, a Glass Wall Drainage Analysis is a great way to protect your property from potential water damage. That’s a massive benefit for property owners. After all, water damage is an expensive and time-consuming problem that can damage or destroy both a structure and its contents. It can cause problems quickly or move more subtly so that the damage occurs over time. Water damage can even set the stage for continuing problems by leaving your home more vulnerable to troubles like insect infestations or mold infestations.

 Working to correct water damage can be heartbreaking and incredibly frustrating. Taking steps to prevent it can help you avoid heartaches, headaches, and financial pain. Ensuring that you have the proper drainage system is critical, and a Glass Wall Drainage Analysis can play a vital role in that assessment. In fact, there are many situations when experts may encourage you to have this analysis performed:

  • You’re planning to purchase a new property.
  • You’re unsure about the state of the existing drainage system on a property.
  • You’re ready to build and need to check the impact your planned structure will have on on-site drainage.
  • You’re considering an addition and want to check the impact your proposed expansion will have on the drainage system.

Are Glass Wall Drainage Analyses Complicated

 Glass Wall Drainage Analyses are complicated, so you’ll want to choose an experienced professional familiar with the test and the unique conditions that make West Palm Beach such a special place to live and work. DKK Consulting Incorporated has been delivering Glass Wall Drainage Analysis services for more than 17 years. As civil engineers, we’re delighted to serve our fellow Floridians, so contact us to request our services.

DKK provides glass wall drainage analyses

 Located in West Palm Beach, DKK Consulting Incorporated is a civil engineering firm committed to offering top-quality services with reliability, integrity, and excellence. We strive to provide all the services that our clients might need, including Glass Wall Drainage Analysis services, drainage design services, septic tank and drain field design services, and various inspection services.

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